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Swaby Alterations Party

April 27 from 6-9pm. Receive $25 Swaby Dollars.

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Remember, alterations are always free. Bring your "Swaby Baby" in for a checkup. We can also alter non-Swaby items for a service fee.

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Where's Shernett This Month?

Saturday, May 27

Randolph Market

May 27-28 10-5pm

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Swaby River North location opening soon.

Fashion artist Shernett Swaby uses her couture collection to express her inner rebel by coloring outside the lines with her avant-garde designs. She uses an architectural aesthetic to portray an edgy chic look that will definitely bring out the Swaby rebel in you. Most Swaby pieces are works of art stitched together by the artist herself. Shop Swaby and support the movement of responsibly made clothing. Join the rebellion…