Shernett Swaby is a Fashion Artist who was born in Jamaica,  grew up in Canada and is now based in Chicago. She started sewing at age eight, making clothing for her dolls and mending her own. She learned to sew by watching her mother who was a local seamstress.

Since then she has been professionally perfecting her craft. Her mission is to use a detailed oriented collection to promote and celebrate individualism in the fashion industry. Swaby’s work is edgy with a wearable artistic flair.

Her work has been featured in local and international magazines and she was a top 5 finalist on PROJECT RUNWAY, the television series.

Shernett’s Chicago boutique opened in 2009 and it continues to cater to fashion forward customers who are open to pushing the creative limits of their individual style. By booking an appointment at the Swaby showroom you have automatically bought into free alterations for the life of each garment you purchase. This shopping experience is unparalleled to any other, because not only is it an efficient way to shop, it’s also cost effective and environmentally friendly. This way of shopping keeps you enjoying your favorite pieces for as long as you would like, because with Swaby’s free alteration policy you can change your pants into a skirt, replace the lining of any garment, shorten or lengthen, or resize a garment to change with your body over time. This style of shopping also allows you to update older pieces that you would normally discard. Swaby will help you to give them a new fresh look to go with any style you are trying to portray and emulate.

All  the garments and accessories  that are sold at the Swaby showroom are designed and manufactured on the premises which allows for a very fast turn around time. Shernett’s vertical business operation allows  her to offer her customers  complete authenticity and ensures that all their unique wardrobe needs are being met in a timely manner.

The most amazing thing about a shopping experience with Shernett is her extensive tailoring abilities, you are guaranteed to leave your appointment feeling well fitted and looking fabulous no matter what body type you are. The Swaby showroom is a place of endless possibilities when it comes to packaging fit with style and individuality.

Shernett has created a new shopping experience for the modern woman.

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